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Product specification
Model and specification

Product application
1. Application of electric bicycle
There are three battery unit solutions including GYFP2408, GYFP3610 and GYFP4812;
2. Application of electric motor
There are three battery unit solutions including GYFP4820, GYFP6020 and GYFP7220.
3. Application of electric automobile
There are hybrid electric automobile and electric automobile solutions.
The hybrid electric automobile shall include three modes: light hybrid, medium hybrid and high hybrid;
The electric automobile shall include two solutions including low speed and high speed electric automobiles.
4. Backup power supply
Places with rather high volume and weight requirements;
Places with high circulatory utilization frequency such as application of circulatory recharging and discharge of storage energy such as solar energy and wind power;
Places with frequent power cutoff accidents such as power grid below national Type III with power cutoff frequency of once every 2-3 days.

Product performance and features
Long use life: The iron phosphate lithium battery produced by Coslight can realize a circulation use life of above 1500 times, the use life is above five years and maintenance guarantee period is three years. The average annual utilization expense is lower than the lead-acid battery. The circulation use life of lead-acid battery shall be about 300 times and at most 500 times. At present, the use life of Manganic acid lithium battery can only reach 500 times. However, the iron phosphate lithium battery produced by Coslight can realize a circulation use life of above 2200 times under the standard recharging and discharge condition and the battery unit can realize a circulation use life of above 1500 times. We have verified the above data in the company laboratory. 1700 times circulation capacity of battery unit has only alleviated about 25% of the initial capacity. According to the data being tested in Tianjin Quality Technological Supervision Center, 1500 times circulation capacity has only alleviated 16% of the initial capacity and 2% of the rated capacity. The comprehensive performance-price ratio is much higher than that of lead-acid battery and Manganic acid lithium battery.

Excellent safety: Compared with lithium cobaltite and lithium manganite, iron phosphate lithium enjoys higher heat stability. The oxygen reduction reaction of lithium cobaltite shall require a heat release temperature of about 150 °C and oxygen reduction reaction of lithium manganite shall require a heat release temperature of about 250 °C. However, the oxygen reduction reaction of iron phosphate lithium battery shall require a heat release temperature of above 400 °C. Therefore, iron phosphate lithium battery does not have any essential difference from other lithium ion battery in the safety performance and is completely same as lead-acid battery. In case of damage such as impact, heavy pressure, needle injury, short circuit, high voltage recharging and high temperature, the iron phosphate lithium battery will not explode or burn so that user’s safety can be safeguarded to the maximum extent.

Excellent volume and weight: The volume and weight of iron phosphate lithium battery is a little higher than lithium manganite battery under the same capacity. However, it has about 1/3 weight and about 1/2 volume of the lead-acid battery. Therefore, it can not only guarantee consumer’s economic and safe product utilization, but also enable consumer to experience the performance upgrading and convenience brought by small volume and light weight of iron phosphate lithium battery.

Excellent power features: Coslight iron phosphate lithium battery can be fully recharged by utilizing special recharger under 0.2C for 5-7h. And the maximum discharge current can reach 4C. In case of special requirements, the discharge current can reach 30C and recharging current can be increased to 3C.

Strong load capacity: The iron lithium battery enjoys a stable discharge voltage platform and its load capacity is better than lead acid battery.

The battery management system aims to protect the electric circuit with battery management and monitor unit at the core and through balance module and data collection module, thus realizing protection of battery unit over-recharging, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit and temperature and protection of over-recharging and over-discharge of single battery in the battery unit, storage of historical record, operation of diagnosis and analysis and alarm upload of battery information through CAN-BUS communication.


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