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XGN2-12(Z)Case Type Fixed Metal-Enclosed Switch Cabinet
The XGN2-12(Z)case type fixed metal-enclosed switch cabinet is mainly used for power receiving and distribution in the system of 3.6-12Kv, three-phase 50HZ. It is particularly applicable for frequent operation. The switch cabinet meets the requirements of national standard GB3906 . ......
GZS1-12 Type Indoor Metal-Clad Withdrawable Switchgear
The GZS1-12 type indoor metal-clad withdrawable switchgear is a complete distribution equipment of three-phase AC 50Hz single bus bar and single bus bar sectioning system with rated voltage 12KV. It is mainly applicable for power distribution in power plants, medium and small generators
KYN1-12(2)Metal-clad Removable Enclosed Switch Cabinet
KYN1-12(Z)type metal-clad removable enclosed switch cabinet (called switch cabinet for short). It is applicable for power receiving and distribution in the 3.6-12Kv three-phase AC 50Hz single bus bar and single bus bar sectioning system.
HXGN□-12 Case Type Fixed High-Voltage Vacuum Ring Main Switch Cabinet
The HXGN-12 high-voltage vacuum ring main switch cabinet (called ring main unit for short) is applicable to the distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises, residence communities, high-rise buildings and schools as a power supply unit of indoor three-phase 12KV, 50HZ ring main ...... 永利龙虎斗
GHT Type Low-Voltage Withdrawable Switch Cabinet
The GHT type low-voltage withdrawable switch cabinet is a new-style indoor hybrid low-voltage distribution equipment developed by Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Drive in combination with Suzhou Zhongxin Electrical Assemblies Company, Changshu Switchgear Company, Jiangsu Aohua Central ......
GGD Type AC Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet
The GGD type AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is applicable to the distribution system of power plants, transformer substations, and industrial and mining enterprises with AC 50 HZ, rated operating voltage 380V and rated working current up to 3150A. It is used for electric energy transformation.....
GCS Type Low-Voltage Withdrawable Switch Cabinet
The switch cabinet is applied to the distribution system in the power plants, high-rise buildings, chemical industry, and petroleum, metallurgy and textile industries. In the large power plants and highly automated petroleum and chemical industries that require connecting with computers, it is used.....
GG-1A(F)Type Anti-misoperation High-Voltage Switch Cabinet
The GG-1A(F)type anti-misoperation high-voltage switch cabinet is an indoor fixed high-voltage switch cabinet with an anti-misoperation interlocking device. It is applicable to the three-phase AC 50Hz single bus bar and single bus bar sectioning system..... www.yl26.com
GZD-W Type Computer Monitoring DC Panel
GZD-W series of computer monitoring DC panel system is the up-to-date series of products elaborately developed by the company by means of advanced computer technology and modern control theories in combination with the essence of domestic and foreign products.....
XB Series Box Type Transformer Substation
The XB series transformer substations are used as independent complete transformer and distribution equipment with rated capacity 50-1600KV in the AC 50HZ and 6-10KV in the network circuit. It is applicable to high-rise buildings, residence communities.....
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