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Harbin Coslight Power Co., Ltd. ,the key subsidiary of the Coslight Technology International Group Co., Ltd. ,which leading product is lithium-ion batteries .The production capacity per year is that liquid batteries may reach 80 million pieces, polymer li-ion battery may reach 30 million pieces, and the iron-lithium batteries may reach 0.4 million KVAh.

The production base of Coslight lithium batteries for vehicles is located in Harbin, occupying 110 ,000 m2, and the building area is 67,000 m2. The first stage construction will be completed in 2010, the yearly production capacity of lithium batteries may reach 400,000 KVAh. The company has already built up a complete automatic lithium battery production line with advanced technology. The separator, electrolyte, copper foil, case, and systemic structural components for batteries can be provided by itself.

At present, the Company has developed more than ten kinds of batteries for various vehicles, including EV Bus , HV bus, EV Car, and HV Car, etc.

The lithium battery has stable service life, which can be more than 2000 times at 100% DOD , over 3000 times at 70% DOD.

In addition, the iron lithium battery has good consistency. The performance of every set of batteries made by Coslight can meet the above indexes.

The battery management system, which is developed by this Company itself, could control primary battery parameters effectively to ensure the battery more safe and reliable.

Company address: No. 9 of Dianchi Street, Jizhong Area, Yingbin Road, Daoli District, Harbin
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