Other Initiatives

Anuj’s other energy-saving projects include:

1. Facilitating energy audits for Trumbull households
2. Promoting the “Park and Ride” program for commuters
3. Creating energy awareness campaigns among youth

To learn more about these initiatives, read the project launch flyer or the press release


Measure, Monitor and Save Energy (M2SE)

An ongoing campaign that promotes the use of smart technology and phone applications in order to save energy.

Some of our favorite phone applications are:

Meter Readings

Watts Plus

Light Bulb Finder

Some of our favorite smart technology appliances are:

Nest Thermostat

UFO Power Center

WeMo Switch

** As technology continues to advance we will update our choices daily

Energy Savings and Awareness Week (E-SAW)

A community wide energy saving, environmental week. Participants will be able to sign up online and register their homes. Then,  each day they will log on to our website and post a picture proving they participated in that days activity. Participants that complete all 7 days worth of activities will be entered to win an energy saving gift basket. The plan is to launch this project in my town of Trumbull on the week of February 7-13 of 2016. This will allow us to end with the already national effort, Earth Hour where major cities and landmarks power down all their lights for one hour as a way to promote energy awareness.

Selfie Sunday

Monitor Monday

Tech Tuesday

Work Wednesday

Turn-Off Thursday

Fix It Friday

Showdown at Sundown Saturday

***More Details Coming Soon

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